CHANMAG understands customers’ questions about the application of fully automated production lines. We use equipment and optimize production processes to solve long-term hand-made products’ concerns about fully automated production lines. Actually, after years of coaching case studies, sharing with you will find that today’s industrialized equipment is very Intelligent and customization, it can meet your high-volume demand for different bakery and bakeries.
Production Line Successful Cases

Production Line Successful Cases

2021_CHANMAG_Bakery_Production_Line_Successful Case


Our toast production line can produce 1200 loaves per hour (about 6000 pieces of dough) even reach 1500 loaves. The whole line is efficient, with good quality which would make you satisfied.



CHANMAG’s five major production lines: Bread/Hamburger production line, Toast production line, Hot Dog production line, Bread Crumb production line, Cake/Cookie production line, which could satisfy your demand for high productivity in different kinds of factory and bakery. Combine different Tray Panning System and Wobble plate device to expand the product range, it is more economical benefit.


Automated production quickly and accurately has greatly improved the efficiency of production. Provides a cheap and stable quality bread for the mass market, tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises in a variety of high-level products; baking production line fully meets the high production quality requirements.


In fact, A set of fully automated bread production line can make croissant bread by thinning the dough through the pressure plate through the forming machine, and then forming the dough roll through the crimping chain through secondary molding.


Advantages of automated production line:
1. Higher Production
2. Equipment occupies a small area
3. Stricter quality control
4. Improve food safety
5. Reduce labor costs
6. The health of the baker
7. Specification of traceability


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