Project Description

Baking Oven series_CHANMAG-Bakery-Machine
Baking Oven
CHANMAG baking Oven series is high precision, to enable temperature of oven chamber can keep the correct temperature, easy to handle, available with program mode, and to meet baking performance.
CHANMAG Baking Over series:
1. Electric Deck Oven: CM-ECD306A, CM-ECD309A, CM-ECD312A, CM-ECD306AS
2. Electric Deck Oven(Touch Panel): CM-ECD306D, CM-ECD309D, CM-ECD312D, CM-ECD408DFI
3. Infrared Electric Deck Oven: CM-ECD408DFI
4. Gas Deck Oven: CM-G306, CM-G309
5. Revolving Oven: CM-HS624, CM-HS636
6. Rotary Rack Oven: CM-100A, CM-108, CM-60RO, CM-120RO
7. Convection Oven: CM-404, P(Proofer), CM-406(D), CM-G305
8. Tunnel Oven