Project Description

Double Arm Mixer
CM-D80 Double Arm Mixer
CM-D80 Double Arms mixer can be used in the dough with 50%-70% percent of moisture content. The design of double arm, simulating of hand-kneading, can strengthen the good taste of dough and biting. With manual or automatic two function, and could be setting up low and high speed.
The dough is easy to be removed out from Machine. The cover is set with safety measures, so the machine will immediately stop while the cover is opened.

Technical Features:
1. The double arm mixers are indicated for any kind of dough produced in pastry shops and bakeries.

2. The machine can be easily located in the shop since their structures occupy little room.
3. Machine is with manual or automatic two functions, and could be setting up low and high speed.
4. Designed can be made according to site production line and working space.



Double Arm Mixer CM-D80 feature

Dough : 2~50 KG
Flour: 80 KG
Bowl dia.: 670 mm
Mixer bowl high: 450 mm
Motor:  1.5 (Low) / 2.25 (High) KW
Power: 3 PH, 50/60 Hz
N.W.: 540 KG
Size: 745 × 1035(1115) × 1695(1860) mm (W×D×H)