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銓麥謝謝所有熱情支持銓麥的朋友們蒞臨2019 TIBS台北國際烘焙設備展 #K1116攤位 歡迎接洽我們這次展出的全系列不銹鋼烘焙機械產品「CM-MT160S雙扭轉鈎攪拌機(離缸式)、CM-200AS螺旋式攪拌機(離缸式)、CM-120AS螺旋攪拌機(離缸式)、CM-28螺旋攪拌機、CM-L200T舉缸機、CM-DE6連續式麵團滾圓機, CM-1000VRF麵團滾圓機、CM-535S 麵團整形機、CM-F500B 二次整形機、CM-RA32FB凍藏醱酵箱、CM-ECD306D烤爐」精彩落幕再次感謝, 我們期待明年再見! Thank you for stopping by our booth and checking out all that CHANMAG has to offer! Our newest innovation for the show [...]

CHANMAG invitation you join us at TIBS 2019

By |February 13th, 2019|

CHANMAG Bakery Machine Co., Ltd. cordially invites you to join us at TIBS 2019 in Taipei during Mar. 15-18, K area, booth no.: K1116 - K1124 Our will showcase the [...]