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IR Electric Deck Oven CM-ECD408DFI

/IR Electric Deck Oven CM-ECD408DFI
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IR Electric Deck Oven CM-ECD408DFI

Chanmag CM-ECD408DFI Electric Oven is based on infrared rays heater tube, it is faster and easy cleaning and durability; front mounted panel for service and maintenance.
It’s our top of the line ovens for versatile, reliable, powerful and economical use day and night year after year.
Technical Features
1. Up heater based on infrared rays heater tube, it is faster and penetrate ability of heat energy is stronger if compared with common electric deck oven.
2.Heated by infrared rays is able to bake the dough with higher expansion, with thin outer pastry, keeps product with better humidity, extends product shelf life and preserve limit.
3.Electronic thermo controller, with high accuracy, keeps baking chamber of oven with constant temperature, meets requirement of product baking.
4.Oven door with seal keeps well the oven temperature.
5.Oven body is made by thick steel sheet and strong structure for long operation life. There is no status over heated deformation caused by higher temperature from the oven.
6.Oven body with thick heat insulated foam layer to avoid losing of heat energy.
7.With even baking result, baking color on product surface is even.
8.Available for making other oven style to meet customer’s demand, apply for different size of baking tray, different baking layers and number of baking tray in each deck to meet different demands.


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Product Description

Capacity; 4 decks 8 trays
Watts: 24 KW
Power: 3 PH, 50/60 Hz
Tray Size: 40 x 60 cm
Net Weight: 650 KG
Baking chamber: 88 × 78 × 20 cm (W×D×H)
Machine Size: 131 × 88 × 176 cm (W×D×H)


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