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Revolving Oven CM-HS624, CM-HS636

CHANMAG CM-HS624, CM-HS636 Revolving Oven is suitable for bread, hamburger buns mass production needs, providing a single and uniform baking temperature. Choice of electric, gas, diesel and three kinds of alternative use; the same time with timing function can be set to remind the baking time, the baking furnace with lights confirm status; Saving space more than deck oven.
Technical Features:
1.Multi uses in one machine.. It can bake different food items, such as moon cakes, cakes, breads and green bean pastries etc.
2.Available for different sizes with various specifications: provides multi selection of pan sizes (24/36).
3.Saving Cost 2/3 fuels as normal ones.
4.Easy to operate, save time and labor. The door of this oven may be pulled down or pulled up. When the door is opened the cradle plate will automatically stop on an exact horizontal position, so operators can change the cradle plate easily.
5.The oven parts are easy and quick to be assembled or disassembled.


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Product Description

  Model        Power     Burner    Capacity     N.W.        Size(W×D×H)
CM-HS624    0.75 KW     Gas/Diesel       24trays      2300 KG      285×311×248 cm
**************  0.65 KW     Electricity
CM-HS636  1.125 KW     Gas/Diesel       36trays      2600 KG      377×311×248 cm
**************  0.85 KW     Electricity
Tray Size: 46 x 72 cm


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