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เครื่องนวดรีดแป้งให้เนียน Dough Rolling Machine CM-535

/เครื่องนวดรีดแป้งให้เนียน Dough Rolling Machine CM-535
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เครื่องนวดรีดแป้งให้เนียน Dough Rolling Machine CM-535

เครื่องนวดรีดแป้งให้เนียน CM-535 Dough Rolling Machine is suitable for use in bakery, baking laboratory or production site to use, hard texture suitable for low water content of the dough pressure of work. The operator could set the number of repeated rolling demand, then the machine will automatically output the whole dough when the work is finished.
Technical Features
1.The machine with five rollers of two sets can fold and roll the dough automatically and continuously.
2.It sends out dough automatically after the rolling times finish and then it stops.
3.When rolling the dough, the sprinkler sweeps out flour smoothly and can be adjustable.
4.The automatic equipment can produce effectively.
5.Can be connected either the working table or dough cutting knife. It depends on the needs.


รหัสสินค้า: CM-535 หมวดหมู่:


Moulding Range: max. 15 KG/times
Roller Gap: 10~25 mm adjustable
Dough Capacity: 900 times/hr (15 KG/times, by request set)
Motor: 2.25 KW
Belt Width: 520 mm
Squeeze Roller: 5 pcs
Power: 1 PH / 3 PH, 50/60 Hz
Net Weight: 610 KG
Machine Size: 1020 × 1260 × 1360 mm (W×D×H)



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