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  • Planetary-Mixer_CM-100W_400x400
    เครื่องตีไข่สองตะกร้อ CM-100W Planetary Mixer Twin Wire Whisk type is ideal for making cake and most suitable for whipping egg white, butter. Its feature is to make air bubble with nanosized status that make cake quality and taste much more fine and soft. With special stainless steel bowl, twin-arms mixing make the cream liquid evenly and no splashing. Twin whips is made of thin and flexible stainless steel wires. Included an inverter provides you to add ingredients without stop mixing. Great for finest quality cakes with good taste. Different capacity twin whips mixers are suitable for small and large productive bakeries, pastry units and other food service operations.
    Technical Features Machine speed control is based on variable inverter, it is good for adjust machine speed depends on ingredient status. The bowl lifting is based on electrical system, easy for operated by the user and saves labor cost.
  • Intermediate-Proofer_CM-S82,-CM-S140,-CM-S188
    เครื่องพักแป้ง CM-S82, S140, S188 Intermediate Proofer for bread production line according to the bread manufacturing process providing fixed space and standard time for dough fermentation for dough weight 30~150 g/pcs. The running of proofing time for 10~20 minutes is adjustable. Connection Dough Divider & Rounder machine and moulder, it can become a continuous production line.
    Technical Features: 1.Contains UV disinfection light to ensure hygiene. 2.Nylon net cup for easy clean and reduce the dough sticking condition. 3.Optional items: the temperature & humidity and electric fan to help circulation can be designed by customers’ demand. Chanmag_FB_iconChanmawg_Twitter_iconChanmag_Google-plus_iconChanmag_Youtube_iconChanmag_Blogger_icon
  • Electric-Deck-Oven
    Chanmag CM-ECD102A,103A,104A, CM-ECD204A,206A,208A, CM-ECD306A, 309A,312A, CM-ECD306AS Electric Deck Oven with electronic thermo-controller, high precision, to enable temperature of oven chamber can keep the correct temperature, easy to handle, available with program mode, and to meet baking performance.
    Technical Features: 1.With electronic thermo-controller, high precision, to enable temperature of oven chamber can keep the correct temperature and to meet baking performance. 2.The oven door with rubber seal in order to avoid air leaking. 3.Oven is made from thicker steel sheet. The structure is very strong and with long life. It will not be transformed by high heating temperature. 4.With thick heat insulation layer in order to avoid energy waste. 5.The baking performance is very even on the surface.