Tired of cut that dough by hand?
Want to boost production while still maintaining consistency?
Let us help you fix annoying problem.
Check out this series Hydraulic Dough Divider how to works.
It would be your best partner for your bakery career

=> https://youtu.be/AGsqszTjAcQ

More info link: เครื่องแบ่งแป้งไฮดรอลิก: http://chanmag.com.tw/th/archives/portfolio-items/dough-divider-rounder-th

CHANMAG is a manufacturer of domestic baking machinery and equipment, and adheres to Taiwan’s manufacturing and manufacturing. It is convinced that only by continuously upgrading its technology can it meet the needs of customers. Upholding the business philosophy of “Cultivating Bakery to Marketing Worldwide”, this year’s construction of the new Chia-Yi TA-PA-MEI Smart Industrial Park will be completed; the accelerated production growth is expected to add new growth momentum to the company’s operations, and the buckwheat is on a new milestone.
Anytime you can reach CHANMAG with your inquiries
Email: chanmag@ms24.hinet.net