CHANMAG’s CM-MT160S Twin Twist Mixer, the newest Stainless Steel material for dough processing of the year, offers higher durability for long lasting usage, aesthetic appearance, as well as easy cleaning methods.

CM-MT160S Twin Twist Mixer is designed with Double Twist and removable bowl suitable to process dough faster, with energy and time saver than using the regular spiral mixer. The Twin Twist Mixer upper head is equipped with hydraulic power for easy lift up to allow bowl exchangeable and a continuous mixing application.

CHANMAG’s CM-MT160S Twin Twist Mixer is applicable for all dough processing, including bread, bagel, pizza, etc. With unique stainless steel bowl, and double twist mixer, time adjustable, forward and reverse functions, two-speed selections and features, plus easy to use manual or auto control, deliver a practical and stress-free operation.

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