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CM-200A เครื่องนวดแป้งแบบเกลียว

/CM-200A เครื่องนวดแป้งแบบเกลียว
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CM-200A เครื่องนวดแป้งแบบเกลียว

เครื่องนวดแป้งแบบเกลียว  CM-200A Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl ensures to knead at short mixing duration, less consuming energy, rotational speed for making hygienic and finest quality dough. The hydraulic system with removable design can be integrated in the continuous industrial application. It is great for bread, bagel, pizza and gentle type dough and significantly reduces your operating time. With unique stainless steel bowl and spiral hook, time adjustable, forward and reverse operated, have 2 speeds for higher efficiency, simple to use manual or auto control, provides a practical and easy working.
Optional: Stainless Steel Material (CM-200AS)
Technical Features:
1.Removable design to meet with the removable demand.
2.Hydraulic opening system with protection equipment, good for safety usage.
3.Automatic adjustable stirring bowl design.
4.The rotation of bowl provided with direction change
5.All-sealed safety cover: hygienic and clean.


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Dough Capacity: 200 KG
Flour Capacity: 125 KG
Bowl Diameter: 875 mm
Spiral Hook Motor: 11.25 KW
Bowl Motor: 1.1 KW
Hydraulic Motor: 0.75 KW
Power: 3 PH, 50/60 Hz
Net Weight: 1301 KG
Machine Size: 1050 × 1910 × 1340 mm (W×D×H)



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