เครื่องตัดเค๊ก CM-CP630

/เครื่องตัดเค๊ก CM-CP630
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เครื่องตัดเค๊ก CM-CP630

เครื่องตัดเค๊ก CM-CP630 Cake Cutting Machine is suitable for various shape of cake, such as round, square, rectangular and bar shape. Double blades with vibration ensure every portion the polished and pleasing look. High quality and professional provides a practical and easy working.
Technical Features
1. Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine quickly and precisely portions out a range of cakes in circle, rectangle, roll, triangle, etc.
2. The machine boasts a memory function and touch panel for easy operation
3. LCD Touch Panel, including 20sets memories: Round cake x10, Square cake x10
4 .Use double blade with high vibration cutting speed, it can cut the decoration fruits on the cake.


รหัสสินค้า: CM-CP630 หมวดหมู่: ,


Cutting Range:
For round shape : 6” ~ 12”
For square shape : 460 × 660 mm
For triangle shape : 460 × 660 mm
Motor: 0.8 KW
Power: 1 PH, 50/60 HZ
Net Weight: 350 KG
Size: 1050 × 1010 × 1400 mm (W×D×H)



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