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เครื่องสไลซ์เค๊ก Cake Cutting Machine CM-SL609L

/เครื่องสไลซ์เค๊ก Cake Cutting Machine CM-SL609L
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เครื่องสไลซ์เค๊ก Cake Cutting Machine CM-SL609L

เครื่องสไลซ์เค๊ก CM-SL609L Horizontal Cutting Machine is to slice the cakes, flat slice for the birthday cakes and hamburgers. It is a good helpful machine for cakes making convenient.
Technical Features:
1.Slice cakes, hamburger. Can also be a peeling machine by adding a pressing board.
2.Cutting thickness is adjustable for each 5 mm.
3.The cutting surface is flat smooth without cake crumbs remain.
4.Butter consumption saving & profit added.
5.To increase working efficiency.
6.With safety protection cover at the entry.
7.Conveyor speed is adjustable.


รหัสสินค้า: CM-SL609L หมวดหมู่:


Model: CM-SL609L  (18 ”)
Power: 1 PH, 220V/240V50/60 Hz
Motor: 0.48 KW
Blade width: 515 mm
Belt Width: 480 mm
Cutting size: 460 x 150 mm (W x H)
size: 900 x 1380 x 1150 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 110 KG



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