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CHANMAG customizes and tailors specific bakery with respect to planning and designing to meet the demand of each customer. Depending on the local culture, taste, and market, CHANMAG will assist in the selection of your baking items, and production capacity. We manufacture varieties of baking equipment from large to small, and will recommend only the suitable machines to run your bakery smoothly. Consider CHANMAG to be your valuable partner for a prosperous business.

銓麥為您客制量身打造麵包店的規劃和設計,以滿足每位烘焙客戶的需求。依據當地的文化,品味和市場,我們將協助您規劃場地動線、如何建立烘焙產品資料庫、及指導烘焙技能以提升產能。 銓麥專業製造各種烘焙設備從大到小,建議您正確的烘焙設備;適合你的麵包運行的機器,促使展店順利。相信銓麥烘焙是使您生意興隆的具價值的合作夥伴。

Improving Baking Skill item:Improving Baking Skill
- Make a SOP (Standard of Process): Bread, Cakes and Other items
- Train the Excellent Baking Masters, Develop New Tastes
- Combine the Hardware Devices and Software Technology Research and
Development of new Baking Skills.

- Teaching and Bakery Products: Includes Formulations, Process Method,
Using machinery and Equipment, Production Conditions and more.
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