Loaf Toast Slicer CM-S101, CM-S201

/Loaf Toast Slicer CM-S101, CM-S201
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Loaf Toast Slicer CM-S101, CM-S201

CHANMAG CM-S101, CM-S201 Loaf Toast Slicer is suitable the high-end restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops for toast bread cutting work. Special blade design will not drop chips after cutting, convenient for kneading sauce. The equipment adjustable slicer thickness, simple operation and convenient; small size does not occupy space.


Technical Features
1. Special blade design, simple cleaning blade after cutting debris, to achieve continuous operation purposes.
2. Attached sharpening device, after blunting the blade sharpened instantly restore sharpness job requirements.


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Model    CM-S101                CM-S201
Slicing Thickness:  5~45 mm    Toast peeling
Disc-Blade:           199 dia.
Motor:                    0.25 KW       0.5 KW
Net Weight:           19 KG           25 KG
Size:   550×350×330 mm    710×420×420 mm (W×D×H)
Power:          1 PH, 50/60 Hz



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