เครื่องทำไอน้ำ CM-S300A

/เครื่องทำไอน้ำ CM-S300A
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เครื่องทำไอน้ำ CM-S300A

เครื่องทำไอน้ำ CM-S300 Steam Generatoris ideal used for the room of fermentation, to meet the products require for constant temperature and humidity demand on the process of final fermentation. With the stable temperature and humidity bring good fermentation quality to let the surface of products is with good looking.
Technical Features:
1.The steam generator is the equipment for producing changes of temperature and humidity by using separation control of heater wire and moisture.
2.Through the air fan circulation, to make the closed space under proper temperature, humidity condition required.


รหัสสินค้า: CM-S300A หมวดหมู่: ป้ายกำกับ:


Capacity: 3~5 Big Racks/times
Heat Capacity: 6.5 KW
Max Tray Size: 46 × 72 cm
Rack Size: 79 × 93 × 178 cm (36 trays/Rack)
Work Temperature: 20℃~50℃
Power: 3 PH、50/60 HZ
Net Weight: 38 KG
Size: 55.5 × 25 × 185 cm (W×H×D)



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