In Taiwan’s food baking machinery industry – CHANMAG is a domestic manufacturer that insists on designing and manufacturing. In order to meet the all-round needs of customers, its technology and allowed its own brand “CHANMAG” to quickly gain a place in the international market. 

CHANMAG has been deeply engaged in the professional manufacturing of baking machinery in Taiwan for nearly 40 years. It established a factory in SHULIN in 1996. SHULIN Factory was the hometown of CHANMAG. In recent years, it has received a large number of orders, and the space is not enough. Relevant departments have relocated their factories in 2018 and built their own Tai-PU-Mei Beauty Park in CHIA-YI to expand operations. 

The plant located in the Tai-PU-Mei Precision Machinery Park of Chia-Yi. The new factory is equipped with a Company Culture Room, Show Room, Baking Experimental Classroom, and R&D Center; in order to satisfy customers. The new plant is built with the ecological construction method of energy conservation and environmental protection. The capacity of the new CHANMAG plant has added a boost of the company’s growth to a new milestone. 

Mr. Luo, general manager of CHANMAG, pointed out that the use of diversified marketing models to create a high-quality brand “CHANMAG”, through cloud information management, to inject the growth momentum of the company’s operations, greatly enhance the corporate image and brand advantage, so that CHANMAG is moving towards a new milestone. 

Chanmag Bakery Machine Co. was founded in 1979. Upholding the business philosophy of “Cultivating Bakery to Marketing Worldwide” Luo created his own brand “CHANMAG.” And it has been more than 20 years. The company’s main product is bakery machinery for Mixer, Lifter, Dough Divider & Rounder, Intermediate Proofer, Dough Moulder, Greaser, Oven and more bakery machine; All the way to product packaging, providing customers with a full range of whole plant production line products and planning as well. 

CHANMAG also offers the complete baking solution, and integrating years of experience in both software and hardware as a professional baking consultant, CHANMAG has successfully promoted Taiwanese baking technology to other countries, and also helps numerous customers in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia to open bakeries or set up bread factories. The marketing area is extended to China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and distributors are spread across the world’s five continents of more than sixty countries at present; it is widely recognized by customers in more than countries the world; realize the vision of cultivating localization while promoting globalization for Taiwan.
News Contact: Sammi Yang