Looking back at the future development trend of the bakery food industry in 2021, what are the differences between the consumption trends of bakery food in the past two years and previous years? Affected by the new crown epidemic, people’s lifestyles have been completely changed; the accelerated growth of the digital network has created a cocoon type the emergence of consumption patterns, digital transformation will drive the new trend of baked goods in the future, and the consumption mode of the home economy is still developing.


According to the 2021 Bakery Industry Development Trend Report, it is optimistic that the bakery market will continue to move forward, showing a younger consumer audience and a diversified development of online and offline integrated operations. The growth rate of the main global baking market is expected to continue to grow at around 7% in the next five years. Whether it is a traditional bakery or an emerging Internet celebrity brand, it is the future trend to use the Internet to build a digital platform to attract consumers’ attention with a high reach rate.


The marketing master of CHANMAG, Sammi Yang said:「 that digital will change the baking industry. We have started to build various social media platforms before the epidemic, and actively strive to cooperate with the TAITRA before the 2021 FOODTECH Taipei Exhibition ; hoped that the Live stream will allow foreign customers to watch the exhibited machines online, and simultaneously display the main push machines in the cloud virtual showroom, with the product page description & video playback, so that customers can experience the displayed products without any barriers, to catch International buyer’s eye.」

Live Steam CHANMAG Bakery Machine


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This year, CHANMAG will also participate in the Thailand Food Pack show on February, the Taipei Int’l Bakery Show on March, the Bakery China show on April, and the FOODTECH Taipei show on June. We will demonstrate the use of hardware equipment combined with software technology to develop new baking skills, and actively promote the baking production process, so that customers can produce smoothly.

2021 Food Tech Taipei線上虛擬展攤位

Caption: 2021 FOODTECH Taipei โชว์รูมเสมือนจริงออนไลน์

Taiwan’s first research and development of Twin Twist Mixer, with digitization as the innovative concept, to improved the traditional record way, The digital panel is able to set up maintenance time,10 sets of mixing recipes, monitor & feedback the abnormal information; the design humanization and easy to clean.
The stainless steel bowl material is used to ensure the stable quality of the kneaded dough. All products required for mixing and kneading can be use for bread, cakes, prepared foods, etc. Adopted by large scale bread production factories at home and abroad.

More info line product page CM-MT160SDhttp://chanmag.com.tw/th/archives/portfolio-items/twin-twist-mixers

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the “CHANMAG” brand. In the early days, CHANMAG started with the manufacture and production of OEM machinery. At present, the well-known bakery and Ijysheng, Sun-Merry, Mita-Bakery, Hagan-Bakery, The-Bread, etc. are all our long-term customers, and have successfully entered China.

More info can send mail ( chanmag_thai@yahoo.com ) or social media platform to send messenger, the client can call to our office or send mail via the CHANMAG official website and social media platforms, or you can contact our branch offices or local distributors whose information we could indicate to you. Such as you come from ThailandIndonesia and Myanmar, we have branch office there that customer could contact or visit directly.