CHANMAG Bakery Machine Co., Ltd. cordially invites you to join us at Foodtech 2019 19 – 22 Jun. Nangang Hall L area, booth no. L0022

Our will showcase the newest bakery machine for the CM-MT160SD Twin Twist Mixer – Digital Control Panel with Removable Bowl, CM-DE6 Auto Dough Divider, TEDDY 5L Table Mixer, Welcome everyone to come to the public!


銓麥邀請您加入我們 Foodtech 2019台北國際食品加工設備暨製藥機械展
歡迎參觀於6月19至6月22日於台北南港展覽館4樓, 攤位 L0022

我們將展出烘焙機械產品CM-MT160SD雙扭轉鈎攪拌機-數位觸控面板(離缸式)CM-DE6 麵團分割機TEDDY 5L熊牌桌上型攪拌等,歡迎大家前來共相盛舉!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Foodtech 2019.
For more information, please contact sales team.

我們期待著看到你在 Foodtech 2019 台北國際食品加工設備暨製藥機械展