We’re had put our efforts right into as soon as we return from the Taipei Int’l Bakery Show. the preparation to welcome the visitors from “Taiwan Turnkey Project Association” visit. The visiting guests include Chairman XIE MULIN, Vice President Huang JIECUN and members of the whole plant industry chain, and the chairman of the TSIOT president Dr. Living star Yu, indicating value the association industry regards CHANMAG Bakery Machinery.
Taiwan’s only non-industry integrated corporate body, the Chinese Whole Plant Association, holds a regular meeting of directors and supervisors every quarter, and provides professional and comprehensive industrial development services around the world in combination with hundreds of consultants and experts for various types of whole plant services, to meet diverse market investment and business needs.

Luo Shengde, general manager of CHANMAG, introduced the company’s history, business philosophy, brand story and successful achievements to the distinguished guests of the whole factory association; and led outstanding colleagues to show professional and highly enthusiastic services, and arranged product exhibition rooms, cloud virtual exhibition rooms and factory production lines The guided tour is expected to impress the distinguished guests of the visiting group.

General manager of CHANMAG, introduced the company's history

General manager of CHANMAG, introduced the company’s history

The main axis of this visit is to lead the guests to visit the product exhibition room. The theme of CHANMAG’s five baking production lines “CHANMAG finds a channel for baking machinery, a time tunnel to the Metaverse” guides the introduction『CHANMAG Colud Virtual Showroom』, you can view products at any time on the network cloud, regardless of distance, space, and time constraints.

Now you can scan the QR Code to enter the cloud virtual factory and experience the interactive experience on your mobile phone.
CHANMAG_Bakery_Machine_Could Virtual Showroom

【CHANMAG Cloud Virtual Factory Showroom】Comprehensive display of the central factory production line equipment and bakery machines, with product homepage descriptions and video playback, allowing customers to experience the displayed products without barriers, through 360°AR panorama, 720°VR live virtual interactive experience , we hope to help customers better understand bakery products and the high-quality manufacturing value of “CHANMAG” brand.”
1.Bakery Factory Production Line
Bread, Toast, hamburger, Hot Dog, Bread Crumbs, Cake Biscuits, etc., complete baking production line planning and design. Taiwan’s breakfast stores consume an average of 500,000 loaves of toast per day, and 80% of these toasts are made with equipment from CHANMAG Toast Production Line, and CHANMAG also offers the complete baking solution.
2.Bakery Planning
We customize and tailors specific bakery to planning and designing to meet the demand of each customer. Depending on the local culture, taste, and market and will assist you combine the Hardware Devices & Software Technology Research and guidance to enhance Baking Skills.

Bakery Machine_CHANMAG_2022-3-21

3.Successful Case
- Production Line:China Food Group, Saudi Arabia, Thailand

Factory Bakery Planning CHANMAG

Factory Planning: photos of actual installation

Production Line Successful Cases

Store Planning: Indonesian bakery demonstration store, Vietnam teaching store, Malaysian bakery store, Vietnam bakery chain store

Successful Cases_Bakery planning_CHANMAG

At the end of the visit process, when I came to the factory, Huang PO-RONG, the acting director of the factory, introduced the operation methods of each factory area to the guests. CHANMAG actively promoted the baking production process, developed new baking skills with hardware equipment combined with software technology; provided professional customized services, Comply with global voltage, safety regulations, food safety and hygiene and other specifications to meet customer needs. The quality is worthy of your trust, comparable to the standards of large factories in Europe, America and Japan, and is committed to promoting baking technical services, providing customers with complete solutions.

Huang Porong acting factory manager of CHANMAG, guided the VIPs of the TCPP Association to visit and introduce the factory

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