Walking into a factory of Chanmag Bakery Machine Co. in the suburbs of New Taipei City, you may hear an endless succession of production and manufacturing department welding sounds. In this busy factory, the company’s general manager Luo Sheng-Der is covered in sweat. While talking about bakery food, Luo got a face full of smiles. In order to meet the various needs of customers, Chanmag is dedicated to the research and development of innovative bakery machines.


The company’s general manager Luo loves breads; he spent lot of time and effort in the production of bakery machinery. At first, while delivering Chanmag’s bakery equipment to his customers in Taiwan and abroad, he often had to demonstrate how to use it personally. And then, gave recommendation of baking production process to get a stable quality of products, and to get production process even smoother.


 CHANMAG gave recommendation of baking production process
CHANMAG gave recommendation of baking production process and planning

Chanmag Bakery Machine Co. was founded in 1979. Upholding the business philosophy of “Cultivating Bakery to Marketing Worldwide” Luo created his own brand “CHANMAG.” And it has been more than 20 years. The company’s main product is bakery machinery for Mixer, Lifter, Dough Divider & Rounder, Intermediate Proofer, Dough Moulder, Greaser, Oven and more bakery machine; All the way to product packaging, providing customers with a full range of whole plant production line products and planning as well.


The CHANMAG continues to invest funds in the construction of a new plant located in the Tai-PU-Mei Precision Machinery Park of Chia-Yi. The new factory is equipped with a Company Culture Room, Show Room, Baking Experimental Classroom, and R&D Center; in order to satisfy customers. The new plant is built with the ecological construction method of energy conservation and environmental protection. The solar energy generation system is built on the roof, and a large rain recycling system is installed at the plant. The massive vegetation is ample with the goal of the environmental protection, thus fulfilling both the industrial development of the company and the responsibility to the mother earth. The capacity of the new CHANMAG plant has added a boost of the company’s growth to a new milestone.


Taiwan’s breakfast stores consume an average of 500,000 loaves of toast per day, and 70% of these toasts are made with equipment from CHANMAG Toast Production Line, and CHANMAG also offers the complete baking solution. Under Luo’s firm leadership, and integrating years of experience in both software and hardware as a professional baking consultant, Chanmag has successfully promoted Taiwanese baking technology to other countries, and also helps numerous customers in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia to open bakeries or set up bread factories. The marketing area is extended to China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and distributors are spread across the world’s five continents; it is widely recognized by customers in more than countries the world; realize the vision of cultivating localization while promoting globalization for Taiwan.