ชุดรีดแป้ง CM-450A/B, 520A/B/C, 650B/C

/ชุดรีดแป้ง CM-450A/B, 520A/B/C, 650B/C
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ชุดรีดแป้ง CM-450A/B, 520A/B/C, 650B/C

ชุดรีดแป้ง CM-450A, 450B, 520A, 520B, 520C, 650B, 650C Dough Sheeter is suitable for pressing and extending dough for Danish bread, pie skins, pastries, egg tarts, puff pastries, and Arabian breads. This machine is perfect for producing puff pastries. The dual-protection device provides safety for the operator (Note: the A-Series are tabletop machines, B-Series are vertical type standing machines, and C-Series are vertical type standing machines with conveyor belt).


Optional: Blue conveyor belt (The surface of the blue conveyor belt has an extra layer of protective material TPU, and the oil/moisture is not easy infiltration that caused mildew, so the blue conveyor belt cost is higher than white one; but its oil/water resistance is better and easier to clean.)


Technical Features:
1. As per the pastry formula, it is workable for pressing pastry thickness 1.2 mm – 38 mm.
2. Variable thickness adjustment for the pastry. To adjust thickness freely when pastry is under 38 mm.
3 .Both sides with safety guard for protecting the operator.
4. With hygienic class PVC conveyor.
5. It is workable for selecting Hand or Foot switch to operate machine running as per demand. It is available by customized for stainless steel machine structure as per demand.

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รหัสสินค้า: CM-450A, CM-450B, CM-520A, CM-520B, CM-520C, CM-650B, CM-650C หมวดหมู่:


Model Conveyor(mm) Press Roller(mm)Motor(KW)  N.W.(KG)Size(W×D×H)
CM-450A  430×1700   88×435   0.4     120    1800×760×600
CM-450B  430×2000   88×435   0.4     150    2530×760×1100
CM-520A  500×1700   88×520   0.4     130    1800×850×600
CM-520B  500×2000   88×520   0.4     160    2530×850×1100
CM-520C  500×2400   88×520   0.75   180    2900×850×1100
CM-650B  630×2400   88×650   0.75   220    2900×960×1100
CM-650C  630×2900   88×650   0.75   230    3410×960×1100



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