Warranty Range
Machine of our company offers warranty within one year after machine has delivered to buyer. The warranty range except damaged from act of God, abuse, did not perform regular maintenance, consumable parts, human factor. If buyer exactly to place machine to position, install and operate machine as per instruction manual and perform clean, maintenance. Machine damage from normal operation, such service of warranty period is including machine repair, change of necessary spare parts free of charge.


Range of Chargeable Repair Service
If the one of following event happened within warranty period, or machine damage & need to repair after warranty period expired, our company will charge related repair cost as per company rules, kindly excuse us for this inconvenience:
1.Due to wrong handle or abuse by customer themselves, or machine broken caused by outer force. Such as : machine placed at position is unsafe, connected with wrong voltage, operation, clean, maintenance did not follow content of instruction manual, or use improper utensil or machine tools to operate the machine, etc.
2.After it has been judged that machine inappropriate to modify or repair at place out of our company, or if there is broken happened within warranty period, did not inform our company and buyer to take apart parts for repair, or changed with improper spare parts by themselves.
3.Damage was happened during customer to transport machine by themselves.
4.Consumable machine parts listed on this warranty letter.
Consumable Parts of This Machine
Some of parts in this machine will be worn naturally due to long-term operation and running. Therefore, when you perform each season maintenance, please absolutely to inspect and adjust it. When parts was worn badly or it was loose, change new one is necessary, to avoid machine running in bad condition and without good performance.