Bakery Production Line


CHANMAG creates custom-made production line with respective planning & designing to meet demand of each customer. As per the information from customers about products items, expected production capacity, site actual condition, etc., we supply running direction of flowchart and equipment recommendation. We not only help our customers to increase the capacity with our high quality machines, but also integrate years of experience in both software and hardware as a professional baking consultant, and give recommendation of baking production process to get a stable quality of products, to get a production even smoother.

Baking Production Line the main feature of our production line is capable to coordinate market  demands & changing, to adjust productivity and suitable for various  bread products making to achieve the goal of new business opportunity.
Bread/Toast Production Line: 30~400 g/pc, 3000 pc/hr
Hamburger Bun Production Line: 30~400 g/pc, 4100pc/hr
Hot Dog Bread Production Line: 30~150 g/pc, 4000 pc/hr
Breadcrumb Production Line: 200~1000 Kg/hr

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Bread Toast Production line

CHANMAG creates Bread Toast production line with respective planning & designing to meet demand of each customer.

Cake Cookie Production Line

CHANMAG cake production line equipment to meet your cakes, cookies, and biscuit for manufacture require.