Bakery Machine


CHANMAG bakery machinery bakery production equipment is the demand for the procedure, planned equipment; suitable to bakery stores and whole factory (the central plant), For more information, please contact sales team.

Bakery Products list:
1. Flour Soil System
2. Ice Water Supply System
3. Fully/Semi Dough Divider and Rounder
4. Volumetric Dough Rounder
5. Intermediate Proofer
6. Dough Molulder, Dough Sheeter
7. Final Proofer
8. Baking Oven
9. Bread Slicer
10. Bakery Peripheral Equipment

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Dough Divider Rounder

Dough Divider, Fully/Semi Auto. Dough Divider & Rounder

Dough Moulder

Dough Moulder, Moulding Machine, Dough Rolling Machine, Dough Sheeter

Baking Oven

Bakery Oven, Electric Deck Oven, Gas Oven, Rotary Rack Oven

Bread Slicer

Bread Slicer, Toast Slicer, Auto. Bread Slicer, Toast Packing Machine

Peripheral Equipment

Bakery Peripheral Equipment, Bakery tools