Project Description

SILO System
Flour Silo System is design for storing, conveying, weighing, and sifting flour. Automated storage system for the flour delivery measurement system for daily use powder for large customers (such as baking, pasta factory…), is very convenient, easy to operate, labor saving equipment.
Storing flour, dust collection equipment, high pressure windmill powder feeding tube through the powder, fixed weighing scale unloading and other functions. Conducive flour cooked into, to avoid contamination, industrial safety to reduce accidents and protect the environment clean, fast delivery and precise preparation of powder. Control Manager allows customers and save on raw materials, to achieve high efficiency and easy control effect.

Technical Features:
SILO system equipment consists of three parts:
1.Flour barrel storage delivery measurement system device: its function is to store a large number of storage of flour, wheat flour and then focus on the material level controller output according to demand.
2.Pneumatic Flour Output device: to funnel through the flour the scales, flour pneumatic valves, electrical box weighing scale unloading with horizontal mixer is connected.
3.Dust collection equipment: is a auto scour powder device, aerated bottoms are common for flour, while granulated materials utilize vibration bottoms to ensure perfect discharge.

Flour Silo:
Aluminum alloy sheet
Flour Level Controller:
Alarm works to stop flour Input piping
Rotary Flour Output Valve:
Takes flour from flowing bed into flour conveying tube
Air Blower:
To push flowing bed, makes flour fed out smoothly
Conveying Piping:
Aluminum pipe for flowing bed, high pressure pneumatic pipes
Air Chamber Flow Valve:
Makes flour feeding to output valve more easier
Flour Conveying Air Blower:
Feeds flour to weighing hopper
Feeding Piping: A
luminum, high pressure pneumatic pipes
Input Piping:
With coupler for connecting with flour truck
Weighing Scale Hopper:
Weighing flour as user needing.
Pneumatic Flour Output Valve:
Control flour out of weighting hopper into the mixer
Weighing Scale & Display:
Micro-processor control electronic with weight control assembly
Electric Wiring Cabinet:
Dustproof, waterproof IP55, inside with power supply
Flour flowing bed:
For concentrating flour & output
Dust collector:
For exhaust air & filter flour when flour is feeding.

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