Project Description

Lifting / Tilting system
Lifting-tilting system is mainly for use to transport the dough to the next work stage. The bowl flipper can help dump the mixed dough on the work table while the bowl lifter can dump the mixed dough directly into the volumetric dough divider’s funnel. This saves on manual labor and increase work efficiency, as well as reduces people’s contact with the dough, which lowers the risk of contamination.


Technical Features
– Using oil pressure system to minimize the loss upon rub with very robust structure.
– Hydraulic safety system, electric protection and safety railing are included for laborsaving & safety usage.
– Designed can be made according to site production line and working space.


CM-L200T Tilting System is designed to work the removable mixer mixing after, the bowl dough dumped on the work table, convenient and hygienic of equipment.

Tilting-System-CM-L200T_CHANMAG_Bakery_Machine CM-L200T-S_Lifting-Tilting System

CM-L200 Lifting system is designed to work with our dough mixer poured into the lifting cylinder divider funnel time-saving, convenient and hygiene of equipment.


CM-L603 (603E) Lifting system is designed to work with our dough mixer for Lifting Mixing bowl into cake depositor funnel time-saving, convenient and hygiene of equipment.


CHANMAG Lifting Tilting System series
CM-L200 Lifting system

CM-L200T Tilting system
CM- L200TD Tilting system
CM-L200D Lifter system
CM-L240H Lifter system

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