Our new plant in the Chiayi Tai Po Mei Precision Machinery Park was recently opened. We have built a fully automated production line with high international standards for building factories. Luo, General Manager, said that with the rapid development of Industry 4.0. Plant production capacity is expected to go further growth momentum to the company’s operations so that CHANMAG will move toward a new milestone.
In response to the implementation of the government’s active promotion of green energy policy, we are committed to combining the development of the industry with the concept of environmental protection, paying attention to hundreds of millions of dollars, and held a groundbreaking ceremony in December 2014 to complete the construction of a new plant in Chiayi with an area of more than 7,000 pings over three years. It was successfully launched in May 2018.

Chanmag Expanding the New Factory

CHANMAG Factory_SunnyBoard

CHANMAG Factory – Solar Power System on the roof

The new plant built with the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly green construction method, solar power system on the roof; includes exhibition hall, product display center, baking laboratory classroom, and R&D center.In order to meet customer needs as the core plan, in the future and continue to integrate software and hardware optimization and innovation of new features of baking machinery.

Manager Luo pointed out that buckwheat has been cultivating in Taiwan for more than 20 years. It has continuously invested large amounts of manpower and capital to build plant equipment. Through the management of information technology and manufacturing of automation equipment, on the one hand, it has increased production capacity and competitive advantage, and on the other hand it has created more job opportunities. Use a diversified marketing model to create quality brands; to enhance the overall competitiveness of the company.

Established in 1979, Chanmag adheres to the business philosophy of “deep cultivating and baking, and strives for perfection”. It specializes in custom-made production equipment and technology for the entire bakery production line. The statistics show that the average daily amount of toast at breakfast shops around the island stands at 320,000. The bread dough made by Chanmag’s baking equipment accounts for more than 70 percent of total toast amount. Buckwheat is a domestic baking machinery and equipment industry that adheres to manufacturing and manufacturing in Taiwan. It has been designated by many well-known companies and has successfully assisted countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in opening various types of bakery, bakery demonstration shops and central factories baking business.