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Cake Depositor CM-CP550

CHANMAG CM-CP550 Cake Depositor is for making variety cakes products or cookies by filling displacement. It is a good helpful machine for cakes or cookies making convenient.
Technical Features
1.LCD touch type control screen with function of setting memory data.
2.Filling wheel using silicone circular gear, which reduces cake batter defoaming situation.
3.Can fixed or displacement filling with a variety of cakes injection required to achieve the targeted production diversification.
4.Optional single or continuous mode of operation to meet the dynamic needs of production line.


Product Description

Cake 8” round: ~800 pcs/hr
Cake square: ~300 tray/hr
Cake Cup: ~ 4000 pcs/hr
Puff (4×6): 4000 pcs/hr
Hopper Volume: Cake 40 liter / Cookies 25 liter
Control Panel: Touch screen
Memory: Set 20 programs of products data
Power: 1 PH, 220V
Motor: 1.2 KW
Net Weight: 350 KG
Size: 1550 × 930 × 1410 mm (W×D×H)


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