Cutting Machine CM-SL609B Bagel Hamburger

/Cutting Machine CM-SL609B Bagel Hamburger
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Cutting Machine CM-SL609B Bagel Hamburger

CHANMAG CM-SL609B Bagel/Hamburger Cutting Machine is a good helpful machine for flat slice making convenient.
It is a good helpful machine for cakes making convenient.
Technical Features:
1. Slice cakes, hamburger. Can also be a peeling machine by adding a pressing board.
2. Cutting thickness is adjustable for each 5 mm; Conveyor speed is adjustable.
3. The cutting surface is flat smooth without cake crumbs remain, to increase working efficiency.
4. Attached safety protection cover at the entry, and stop switches at the front and rear to improve operator safety.

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Product Description

Cutting Space: 520 × 90 mm (W×H)
Knife Width: 515 mm
Belt Width: 480 mm
Power: 1PH, 4 KW
Net Weight: 140 KG
Size: 1380 × 900 × 1340 mm (W×D×H)


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