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Tunnel Oven

CHANMAG Tunnel Oven consisting of transmission equipment by the tunnel, by heat conduction, convection, radiation, completes baking tunnel machinery and equipment. Tunnel Oven is mainly used for industrial production line of food enterprises for the bread, cakes, biscuits, pie, and moon cake. In the tunnel there is a continuous operation of the conveyor system can be freely customized according to the length and width of the tunnel oven production capacity of users; and then complete uniform baking and transport work.


Technical Feature:

1. Can be continuous or intermittent baking large quantities of production, improve production efficiency and save manpower, making more stable baking quality.
2. Need to be operated by full-time staff; generally rated input power > 24 KW
3. The different heat-source, an electric, gas or natural gas tunnel oven.
4. The various products of different baking time requirements by PLC intelligent control system, the implementation of intelligent control.
5. The transmission frequency control, continuously variable transmission can be realized. And can be stored for more than 15 sets of parameters, to achieve automation.

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