Project Description

CHANMAG creates custom-made production line with respective planning & designing to meet demand of each customer. As per the information from customers about products items, expected production capacity, site actual condition, etc., we supply running direction of flowchart and equipment recommendation. Through enhance machine production capacity, make product quality more stable in production, to bring the biggest benefit of investment and precede more fruitful & valuable target. Our Breadcrumb production line equipment to meet your breadcrumb for manufacture requires.


Bread crumbs production line consists of:
Capacity: 200~1000 Kg/hr (by case)
Space area: ~5000 m2 (by case)


1. The intermediate Proofer CM-M100T…can be selected according to the needs of production models.

2. Crumbs Electrode Oven
3. Coarsely crushed or finely divided, according to the needs of choice.
4. Crumbs trolley.


1.The required space at site will be different as per the area of selected equipment, different breads type & range, and expected productivity.
2.It is just for reference and the detail planning be proposed after discussing with the customers. Your further discussion is welcomed anytime.

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