Project Description

Dough Moulder


CHANMAG Dough Moulder is specially designed to shape dough into meet different demands sizes of breads in the bakery industry. It squeezes out the gas generated inside the dough when it is standing, and makes the pores inside the dough evenly distributed, the final desired appearance of the product to be finally fermented. Our goal is to provide the most competitive and high-quality products in the field of baking food machinery to meet the user-friendly needs of all customers.

Dough Moulder series:

1.Desktop/Mini/Short Toast Dough Moulder:

CM-210, CM-246S, CM-320A

2.Long Loaf/Bread Moulder:

CM-238, CM-350A,  CM-3460/3460BL, CM-B355

3.Dough Moulding Machine:

CM-750, CM-F500B

4.Dough Rolling Machine:


5.Dough Sheeter:

CM-450A, CM-450B, CM-520A, CM-520B, CM-520C, CM-650B, CM-650C

6.Pizza Moulding Machine:


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