Project Description

Ice Water Supply System
CHANMAG Ice Water Supply System help you to control the temperature of the dough after mixing. An automatic water supply system is provided to quickly supply ice water for optimum mixing. The water discharge capacity of the model of the ice water machine is allowed (depending on the size of the machine and the water discharge capacity). The allowable amount of temperature will not decrease due to the water in the effluent holding tank, and the supplementary water will enter and raise the outlet water temperature.


Technical Features:
1.The import strong compressor refrigeration system is to enlarge the power of machine refrigeration.
2.Design with stainless steel water storage tank is hygienic and durable.
3.Adopt the site of water supplying motor, no water restrictions and with stable water supplying.
4.Need to install the water filter device for different regional water quality.

Model        Capacity   Power    N.W.       Size (W×D×H)
CM-C100  100L/hr   2.2 KW   165 KG   700×800×1620 mm
CM-C150  150L/hr   2.6 KW   200 KG   700×900×1720 mm
CM-C250  250L/hr  4.3 KW   310 KG    800×1000×1900 mm
CM-W99 Dosing 99.9L   30 W    6 KG    200×170×260 mm


Note: Machine size not include condenser.


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