Project Description

Intermediate Proofer
CHANMAG intermediate proofer is for bread production line according to the bread manufacturing process providing fixed space and standard time for dough fermentation for dough. The machine can not only protect the good yeast in the fermentation machine, but also allow the gluten to mature, increase the taste, and ensure food hygiene. When mass producing bread, the intermediate proofer provides a space with constant temperature and humidity for placing cut and rounded dough. This decreases the impact of the external environment on the dough. Connect this machine with a front-end volumetric divider and rounder and a back-end dough molder to create a bread mass production line!


Technical Features:
1. Built-in of UV disinfection light, ensure hygiene.
2. Nylon net cup for easy clean and reducing the dough sticking condition.
3. With optional the temperature & humidity and fan to circulation, to meet customer intermediate fermentation demand.


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