Project Description

Intermediate Proofer
CHANMAG intermediate proofer is for bread production line according to the bread manufacturing process providing fixed space and standard time for dough fermentation for dough . When mass producing bread, the intermediate proofer provides a space with constant temperature and humidity for placing cut and rounded dough. This decreases the impact of the external environment on the dough. Connect this machine with a front-end volumetric divider and rounder and a back-end dough molder to create a bread mass production line!
Intermediate Proofer series:
- Intermediate proofer for big dough: CM-X28/9, CM-L50, CM-L76/8
– Intermediate proofer for mid dough: CM-M32, CM-M54/1T, CM-M100, CM-M124, CM-M162
– Intermediate proofer for small dough: CM-S82, CM-S140, CM-S188