Project Description

Horizontal Type Mixer_1280x250_2020

Horizontal Type Mixer

With Japan FUJII Technical Cooperation, Made in Taiwan

CHANMAG’s CM-200H horizontal mixer is suitable for dough with higher moisture content. This machine uses a Z-shape mixing design that can increase the dough’s moisture absorbency by 5~10%, as well as lower production cost, increase product quality, and extend the product’s tasting period. The bowl comes with a water-circulation cooling system that helps to lower the temperature of the dough and stabilize dough quality. After mixing, this machine can be matched to a stationary receiving bowl to automatically extract the dough and reduce manual labor.


Technical Features:

1.Comes with two-stage (fast and slow) mixing options and manual/automatic timer function that makes this machine easy to operate and easy to control the product quality.
2.To automatically extract the dough after mixing, just add a stationary receiving bowl. No need for manual labor.
3. The easy to clean and enclosed bowl ensures the product’s sanitation.
4.The dough’s temperature can be controlled during and after mixing according to production need to achieve optimum product quality management.
5.Easy to clean sealed type mixing bowl, to ensure hygienic of product.


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