Project Description

Planetary Mixer
CHANMAG planetary mixer is ideal to produce pastry products, comes in a belt version and a gear version. Different capacities can be chosen. This mixer comes with three types of mixing tools. Special models can also be provided according to customer needs. With high quality and durability, this is our best-selling model worldwide.


CHANMAG Planetary Mixer Series:

Belt Driven Type:
CM-101, CM-201, CM-301, CM-401, CM-501, CM-601, CM-801, CM-1201

Gear Driven Type:
CM-SP800, CM-3220N, CM-301AN, CM-401AN, CM-501AN, CM-603AN, CM-803AN

Twin Wire whip Type:
CM-25W, CM-40W, CM-60W, CM-100W

* Optional: NSafety Guard, EElectric Lifting, HHigher Stand Type


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