Brand Origin

CHANMAG has established its own brand of『CHANMAG』for more than 25 years. It has been producing baking machinery for many years. So far, we have accumulated many years of professional research & development capabilities and new baking technology experience.

CHANMAG’s corporate management vision is to create delicious and satisfying baked goods, innovate baking technology, provide sincere services, and establish great word-of-mouth!
Our management target is to “breakthrough the traditional baking consumer model and apply ICT (Information Communication Technology) to build a CHANMAG service platform, and develop our own brand that is recognized globally.”

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Corporate Identity System meaning
The top of the wheat represents the main business is the bakery machinery products
The elliptical such as run as endless as interstellar!
Wheat Images advancing direction (forward like a bullet punch power)

Entirety logo symbolizes the steady growth in the Golden Triangle.

CI Standard Color
Main Color: O  Orange: Represent Passionate, Positive, Vibrant
Minor: G  Grass Green: Represent: Exploration, Steady , Power
Professional Baking Consultants to do Product Machine Test
CHANMAG is not only a professional baking equipment, it also teaches baking skills and related planning of the exhibition shop, our baking consultant team, develop new baking flavors with real hardware equipment plus software baking process skills.

Senior consultants not only assist customers in solving product problems, but also are important players in educating customers on baking technology; The customer’s technology has been refined, and the baking industry has been pushed to a new height. We will continue to play a professional role. pushing up Taiwan’s baking industry internationally.