Auto Bread Slicer CM-S30A, Toast Slicer Packing CM-PL102

/Auto Bread Slicer CM-S30A, Toast Slicer Packing CM-PL102
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Auto Bread Slicer CM-S30A, Toast Slicer Packing CM-PL102

CHANMAG CM-S30A Automatic Bread Slicing Machine for final processing slice movement can mainly be carried out continuously toast slices. Exit end attached electric eye device automatically stops and re-open the machine.
CHANMAG CM-PL102 Toast Slicer Packing is for operation the toast packaging. The combination with CM-30A automatic slicing machine, it becomes a perfect whole set packaging equipment.


Technical Features
1.With continuous rotary ring type cutter, cutting surface is smooth & less remains.
2.With grinder device, so cutting blades can be sharpened by users.
3.With a magic eye, it is able to control & store the cut off finished products at output area automatically, easy for operation.
4.Can be connected bag-blowing machine, and with manual push into plastic bags.
5.Machine body is based on stainless steel sheet, meets food hygienic standard.


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Product Description

Model        CM-S30A      CM-PL-102
Power           2.5 KW          2 KW
Capacity   1800pcs/hr     2000-2500pcs/hr
N.W.             550 KG           n/a
Size 690×1650×2000mm , 1400×2450×1000mm


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