Bread Toast Slicer CM-302, CM-302L

/Bread Toast Slicer CM-302, CM-302L
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Bread Toast Slicer CM-302, CM-302L

CHANMAG CM-302, CM-302L Bread Toast Slicer is suitable for bakery shops, hotel bakery, supermarket, dairy food supply center, food service operations to do the processing of toast slices easily.


Technical Features:
1. This reliable high-quality table top slicer can be continuous operation and designed for cutting toast.(Optional)
2. This slicer is with various slicing thickness available for customers’ choice in their production.


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Product Description

Model CM-302 CM-302L
Motor 0.18 KW 0.19 KW
Max. Cutting Width 385 mm 485 mm
Slice Thickness 6、7、8、9、10、11、
28、30 mm
12、14、15 mm
Net Weight 70 KG 80 KG
Size (W×D×H) 630 × 710 × 680 mm 730 × 710 × 680 mm
Power: 1 PH/3PH, 50/60 Hz


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