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Southeast Asia is one of the booming emerging markets. Because of its geographical proximity and the encouragement of the new southbound policy, many Taiwanese companies want to find opportunities in these emerging markets. The Foreign Trade Association will host more overseas sales. CHANMAG Join the TAITRA overseas sales mission to stabilize the ASEAN market. Which mainly manufactures baking machinery, innovated with “Help people fulfill their dreams” as the key service, and successfully expanded the export business.
CHANMAG specializes in the manufacture of bakery food machinery manufacturing and production. It was founded as early as 1979. It was first based on OEM production. Later, Established its own brand “CHANMAG” has a high market share in Taiwan, currently well-known bread bakery such as I-JY-SHENG, Sunny Marry, Mita, Hogan-Bakery, The-Bread, etc.; the bakery production line is exported to China and is favored by many well-known food manufacturers. Business spreads on five continents of the world.
According to statistics, Taiwan’s breakfast stores consume an average of 500,000 loaves of toast per day, and 70% of these toasts are made with equipment from CHANMAG Toast Production Line, and CHANMAG also offers the complete baking solution.
Even the” Wood-Yao-4-super-playing” One Day Baker no.59: participating in the TV, the center of the first half of the screen, the machine is  “CHANMAG” equipment (CM-A30A Dough Divider Rounder) produced by Quantum Wheat, but because the main is the B2B market, the general public is less familiar with them.

TV Program for CM-A30A Dough Rounder

Overseas Chinese return to Taiwan to raise the idea of marketing
CHANMAG foothold in Southeast Asia, and the launch of the store planning project is an important key. Not only provide baking equipment, but also teach baking skills and related planning of the exhibition store, plus the baking production line provided to automate production, but also can effectively reduce the opening personnel costs, The customer wants to open a baking bakery Idea, through the services provided by CHANMAG, you can start a business quickly and reduce the time-consuming exploration in the early stage of business.
In the face of customer request, Our will first understand the local market, determine a feasible direction, As per the information from customers about products items, expected production capacity, site actual condition, etc.., we supply running direction of flowchart and equipment recommendation.
Bakery master team marching forward overseas
Take their customers in Bali, Indonesia as an example. In 2017, they successfully assisted their clients in opening the “Baking Empire” bakery, which is currently a popular Instagram store in Bali.
This year (2019), new factory has just completed and expanded the “Baking Lab Classroom” at the Tai Po Mei Precision Machinery Park in CHIA-YI. Allow more customers who are interested in baking to interact with baking consultants.
CHANMAG Baker consultants go to Vietnam of Teaching