Auto Dough Divider CM-DE series

/Auto Dough Divider CM-DE series
  • Auto-Dough-Divider_CM-DE6
  • Auto-Dough-Divider-F, CM-DE6
  • Auto-Dough-Divider-R, CM-DE6
  • Volumetric Dough Divider CM-DE6 combined Rounder CM-1000VRF

Auto Dough Divider CM-DE series

Chanmag CM-DE 3, 4, 6, 8 series Continuous Auto Dough Divider is suitable for fine & dense dough structures. With different pistons chamber volumetric dough divider to combine with our other baking equipment, can achieve continuous large number of bread and toast production needs. The machine is precise, accurate, saving manpower and production quality control.

** L: exist to Left Auto Dough Divider
** R: exist to Right Auto Dough Divider

Technical Features
1. Precise design manufacturing, strong body with stainless steel material.
2. Can be combined with toast production line as main equipment unit.
3. Meet wide range of dough weight. The weight of each dividing is very accurate.
4. Machine uses suction to let dough enter the volume space and cut by cutter, and then divide individual dough equally and precisely by the available number of port within the machine.
5. Special oil lubricating system to meet the characters of Eastern sticky dough.
6. It can save the labors cost and operation is easy. Also it can save money and increase the efficiency.
7. The dough exist be designed as exist to the left or right as per demands of bread production line.


Product Description

Dough Weight 100~850 g/pc 80~600 g/pc 50~400 g/pc 30~200 g/pc
Capacity 1800~3600 pcs/hr 2400~4800 pcs/hr 3600~7200 pcs/hr 4800~9600 pcs/hr
Motor 2.4 KW
Power 3 PH, 50/60 HZ
Net Weight 1423 KG
Machine Size exit to Left: 2320×1820×1690 mm (W×D×H)
exit to Right: 2240×1820×1690 mm (W×D×H)


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