Automatic Dough Divider CM-DM series

/Automatic Dough Divider CM-DM series
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Automatic Dough Divider CM-DM series

CHANMAG CM-DM 42 (4/2 ports), CM-DM 63 (6/3 ports) Med. Volumetric Dough Divider is suitable for fine & dense dough structures. With different pistons chamber volumetric dough divider to combine with our other baking equipment, can achieve continuous large number of bread and toast production needs. The machine is precise, accurate, saving manpower and production quality control.
** Standard is left exit, customized right exit as per demands


Technical Features:
1. Frequency conversion variable speed control and display, adjustable division weight range; accurate control of the best weight accuracy.
2. Dough pressure regulator: machine uses suction to let dough enter the volume space and cut by cutter, and then divided into piston ports.
3. HMI and PLC control, dough is counted automatically and, auto. shutdown when the quantity reaches; can set 99 parameters (production speed display, abnormal cutting knife power failure and display, abnormal push pressure power failure and display, monitoring feedback abnormal information, failure notification and exclusion methods, safety inspection and weekly/monthly maintenance notification).
4. Auto. lubrication oil system, to meet the characters of Eastern sticky dough; reminds for oil insufficient.
5. The machine is user-friendly, can be setting time to clean and maintenance management.
6. Precise design manufacturing, heavy-duty with stainless steel material. The dough dividing chamber is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements.

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Product Description

Dough Weight: 30~320 g/pc
Capacity: 3600~6000 pcs/hr
Dough Weight: 80~740 g/pc
Capacity: 1800~3000 pcs/hr
Dough Weight: 20~160 g/pc
Capacity: 5400~8280 pcs/hr
Dough Weight: 40~450 g/pc
Capacity: 2700~4140 pcs/hr
Motor: 1.3 KW
Power: 3 PH, 50/60 HZ
Net Weight: 830 KG
Size: 1875 × 1440 × 1585 mm (W×D×H)


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