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Greaser CM-DJ150

CHANMAG CM-DJ150 Greaser is designed to provide the spray oil function for the pans, trays of bakery production site.
Technical Features:
1.This machine is for applying oil lubrication to various baking mold, baking tray, with universal application. It is able to run equipment continuously, to meet demand of production line.
2.With 12 sets of memory setting function, it is able to set data value and save memory as per applied type of baking mold or baking tray.
3.With touch type control screen which is simple, easy to operate.
4.To match demand of different baking mold, baking tray, you can set it as continuous spray oil or intermittence to spray oil mode, to avoid waste lubricating oil.
5.The lubricating oil spray is even, fine, focus, without oil fog during spraying, to avoid site pollution.
6.Covered by stainless steel housing, machine is elegant and easy to clean.
7.Machine bottom with movable casters, it is convenient to move machine


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Product Description

Power 1 PH, 50/60 Hz
Motor: 0.4 KW
Max. 1200 trays/hr (For 40×60 tray)
Max. 1200 loaf pans/hr (For 900 g/4 straps, Loaf pan size: 600×348×125)
Max. 1570 loaf pans/hr (For 900 g/3 straps, Loaf pan size: 460×340×125)
Size: 1550 × 797 × 1420 mm (W×D×H)


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