Hamburger / Hot Dog Bread Slicer CM-SL30

/Hamburger / Hot Dog Bread Slicer CM-SL30
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  • Hot-Dog-Bread-Slicer-CM-SL30_CHANMAG-Bakery-Machine

Hamburger / Hot Dog Bread Slicer CM-SL30

CHANMAG CM-SL30 Hamburger / Hot Dog Bread Slicer is suitable for the bakery shops and factories. This equipment can be adjustable the slice thickness. With Germany made cutting blade is smooth and durable, simple operation allows you to use more convenient.
Technical Features
1.This machine is designed for cutting Hamburger, French bread, Bagel and other slightly hard bread. Owing to the design of slide road, the cutting face is evenly and good looking.
2.Adjustable depth and thickness


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Product Description

Cutting Range: 105 × 50 × L (No limitation) mm
Power: 1 PH, 50/60 HZ
Motor: 0.4 KW
Net Weight: 35 KG
Size: 360 × 670 × 600 mm (W×D×H)


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