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Horizontal Type Mixer CM-240H-SD

With Japan FUJII technical cooperation and manufacturing and assembly in Taiwan

CHANMAG CM-240H-SD Horizontal type mixer (Digital HMI Panel – SS material) is designed with Z-type stirred increases 3% more water absorption of dough and obtains a much homogeneous mixtures, enhance products quality, reduces cost on ingredients and extend shelf life of products.

Mixing bowl is with the cooling water circulation system to reduce the temperature of dough during mixing, to enhance and stabilize the forming quality of dough and control quality on each lot of dough. The design of fixed receiving bowl device to assure the dough can automatically output and to save the manpower.


Horizontal Type Mixer Feature

Technical Features:
1. Z type mixing mechanism, increases water absorption of dough more than 3%, reduces cost & enhance product quality in soft, extend shelf life of product.
2. Mixing bowl with cooling water circulation system, to control temperature of dough mixing, makes dough under optimal mixing status. Enhance quality level higher.
3. Easy to clean, sealed type mixing bowl, to ensure hygienics of product.
4.Available for fast, slow 2 steps mixing speed and also manual automatic timer function, it is easy to control operation process and product quality.
5. Automatic to output dough after mixing finished, if added with fasten device for dough collecting bowl, there is no operator required for take out dough.

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Product Description

Dough Capacity: 240 KG
Flour Capacity: 150 KG
Hook Motor: 11.2(L) / 22.4(H) KW (High/Low speed)
Bowl Motor: 1.5 KW
High speed: 76 rpm
Low speed: 38 rpm
Power: 3PH,50/60HZ
Net Weight: 3500 KG
Size: 2286 x 1240 x 1920 mm (W×D×H)
Power: 3 PH, 50/60 Hz


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