Lifting system CM-L603 (L603E)

/Lifting system CM-L603 (L603E)
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Lifting system CM-L603 (L603E)

CHANMAG CM-L603, CM-603E Lifting system is designed to work with the bowl of our 60 liter (and above) planetary mixers for lifting liquid cream into the hopper of cake depositor that machine is time-saving, convenient and good for hygiene.


Technical Features
1.Designed can be made according to site production line and working space.
2.It can be made for lifting CM-603/803 bowl, and the model number is changed as different lifting bowl.

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Product Description

Power: 3 PH, 220V/380V
Pump Motor: 0.375 KW
Size: 1177×852×2100 mm (WxDxH) → CM-L603
1165×1020×2325 mm (WxDxH) → CM-L603E
(For reference only, the height of lifting system can be designed for job-site.)


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