Manual Dough Dividing Machine CM-536A

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Manual Dough Dividing Machine CM-536A

CHANMAG CM-536A Manual Dough Dividing Machine is a top efficiency dough dividing machine now. In order to supersede the old type dividing machine and replace the manual operating, we develop this product
1. The flexible body is conducive to clean the inside of the residual dough divider and cleaning the cutting blade.
2. All of the cutting blade is made of stainless steel.
3. The machine is simple to operate and can accurately control costs, such products meet the needs of the public.
4. The model can be divided into three kinds of dough dividers 9,18,36 a number of models, with equal dividing weight.

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Product Description

Dough Number: 36 pcs
Dough Dividing Weight: 30~100 g/pcs
Net Weight: 65 KG
Size: 500 × 380 × 610 mm (W×D×H)


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