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Revolving Oven CM-G824RLO

CHANMAG Revolving Oven CM-G824RLO is suitable for mass production of toast, sweet buns and hamburger buns. It is equipped with a microcomputer flame-sensing safety device, temperature control and automatic ignition; at the same time, a built-in timing device is convenient for baking control, easy to operate, and time-saving save effort, save factory space, and improve production efficiency.


 Technical Features:
1. Single-phase/three-phase power supply, good insulation to save power.
2. Baking products have a large capacity and a wide range of applicable product specifications.
3. The temperature can be set, the primer system uses a gas-saving combustion tube, and the bending rate is only 8mm in a high temperature environment, and the service life is long.
4. The structure of the aluminum-plated steel plate in the furnace is solid, and the outer shell is made of stainless steel. The baking temperature and color of the bread are uniform.

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Product Description

Burner: Gas 1.5 kg/hr
Number of Tray: 24 [3 rack x 8 tray] (Tray size: 46 × 72 cm)
Tray Size: 46 × 72 cm
Power: 3 /1 PH, 0.8 KW
N.W.: 1500 KG
Size: 225 × 225 × 225 cm (W×D×H)


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