Rotary Rack Oven CM-100A, CM-60RO, CM-120RO

/Rotary Rack Oven CM-100A, CM-60RO, CM-120RO
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Rotary Rack Oven CM-100A, CM-60RO, CM-120RO

CHANMAG Rotary Rack Oven CM-100A, CM-60RO, CM-120RO built-in High and low two speed fan suitable for any kind of product, such as cookies, toast, hamburger buns, croissant, French bread, cake and similar products.
This oven is for mass production and uses hot air circulation to evenly heat every side of the products. The air speed can be adjusted to control coloring of the baked goods. This oven comes in electric, gas, and diesel heating types. There is a timer function for setting baking time and reminders. The light inside the oven can be used to check on the baking status.

CM-120ML Rotary Rack Oven (HMI PLC control) 32 trays/rack, Power/Fuel: 3.375 KW Gas,Tray Size: 40×60 cm

Technical Features:
1. Burner is imported from Japan, which has high efficiency & can save fuel; imported high-temperature resisting glass-wool, heat preservation & high temperature tolerance.
2. Stainless steel chamber wall, see-through double glazed high temperature resistant glass door gives clear view during baking processing.
3. A clean and exquisite design, noiseless running, maximum production in minimum space. The unit reduces labor requirements, and assures best quality products.
4. Recommended to use gas fuel should to install fully-automatic safety alarm and anti-burst system. (Users can to install by gas professionals)
5. Optional installation of steam on demand, you can bake croissant, French bread and other special needs to use the steam function products.


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Product Description

3 KW
32 trays/racks
CM-60RO 45 KW Electricity 16 trays/racks
3 KW Gas/Diesel
CM-120RO 65 KW Electricity 32 trays/racks
3.375 KW Gas/Diesel


Model N.W. Size (W×D×H)
CM-100A 2500 KG 227 × 203 × 247 cm
CM-60RO 1400 KG 130 × 222 × 243 cm
CM-120RO 1900 KG 160 × 260 × 243 cm
Power: 3 PH, 50/60 HZ
Tray Size: 46 x 72 cm


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